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View a digital representation of your station, which changes in real-time.

  • Congestion Monitoring

    Observe live traffic across vehicle types right down to the dispenser level

  • Workforce Management

    Monitor attendants and marshals across the forecourt, or dispatch them to a specific zone

  • Protocol Compliance

    Build SOPs into your workflows and get automatically notified on protocol violations

  • Proactive Responding

    Respond to events as they occur, by tagging colleagues or setting up a notification pipeline


Aaveg connects with the existing dispenser infrastructure at the station, aggregating precise transaction data, and seamlessly linking it to fueling customers.

Use transaction data to aggregate high-frequency customers for loyalty programs, or set actions to check non-compliant transactions. Aaveg makes it all possible.


Act on events as they occur, by setting up notification pipelines or workflows. Keep relevant people in the loop, proactively reach your customers or trigger further actions. The best of Aaveg's realtime data management, beyond the UI.

Smart Reports

Summarize core business metrics and KPIs for one station, or as many as you like, over any period of time. Generate a complete Natural Language Report in under a minute and make the consultants blush.

Data Security

Aaveg offers enterprise-grade data security with Encrypted Storage and Transit, Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and Device Hardening for all locally deployed hardware.

Coming Soon


Aaveg integrates with the tools that drive your business, enriching processes with realtime data and actionable insights.